Meet our owner

Patrick “Skypilot” Genseal started Skypilot Gunsmithing, LLC with the goal of helping shooters, from first-timers to old-timers, get the most out of the shooting sports. Patrick recently retired as a Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel after 20 years in the United States Air Force.

As a graduate of the American Gunsmithing Institute, Patrick holds handgun, rifle, shotgun and Law Enforcement Armorer certificates. In addition to his gunsmithing qualifications, Patrick is a certified firearms appraiser. He holds a Class III SOT license which opens new doors of opportunities to service and sell a broad range of firearms and suppressors.

Patrick is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a certified instructor in pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting, as well as metallic and shotshell reloading. He is a graduate of the Range Safety Officer course and is a certified trainer for the NRA’s Refuse to Be A Victim© course on home, personal, automobile, workplace and technological security.

In addition to gunsmithing and instructing, Patrick enjoys shooting as a member of United States Practical Shooting Association, Single-Action Shooting Society (alias: Paddy O’Gunsmith), National Muzzleloader Rifle Association and ringing steel at 1000 yards!

On the left, owner, Patrick “Skypilot” Genseal fires a SIG P226 with the bullet shown leaving the muzzle. On the right, Patrick shoots at Lake City Range.