and always at the best price in town -- just $40 per hour!

Firearm Transfers
Handguns & Long Guns
NFA Items
Gun Cleaning & Inspection — all handguns & long guns
Field Strip (includes test fire)
Complete Disassembly (includes test fire)
Remove Cosmoline
   — Metal parts only
   — Metal and wood
Trigger, Reliability and Action Jobs
Most Long Guns
1911 & Clones
Single Action Revolvers
Double Action Revolvers
Heckler & Koch USP
SIG P-Series
Smith & Wesson M&P
Springfield XDs

* plus parts (new high polished sear, oversized trigger bar cut to fit, reduced power trigger return spring and sear spring)

Specialty Ejection Ports
Ejection Port lowering
   — with Reliability Job
Custom Builds
Custom AR Build (generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours)
Custom AK Build (generally takes 5 to 7 hours)
Sight & Scope Installation
Sight Installation
   — XDs that need to be milled off
Drill and Tap
   — First Hole
   — Remaining Holes
Scopes Mounted & sighted for 100 yards
   — Includes ring lapping
Sight in to 100 yards
Hot Caustic Bluing (full gun)
   — Bead Blast / Wire Wheel Matte Finish
   — High polish (400 grit)
   — Mirror Polish (600 grit)
Slow Rust Bluing / Browning
Ceracoat® / DuraCoat®
Stock Work
   — Stain and spray finish
   — Stain and oil finish
   — Recut existing pattern
   — Cut new pattern
Glass Bed
   — Hunting Rifle
   — Match Rifle
Pillar Bed
   — Tubular Receiver
   — Flat Receiver
Install Recoil Pad
   — with purchase of pad
Install Adjustable Butt Plate
Barrel Work
Cut Barrel
Recrown Muzzle
Thread Barrel for Muzzlebrake / Suppressor
Thread Shotgun Barrel for Chokes
   — Remove original choke

Come by or contact us for current prices and additional services offered.

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