Lowest transfer price in town!



Transfering firearms from one owner to another, especially across state lines, can be a complicated process. Skypilot Gunsmithing, LLC stands at the ready to help simplify that process for you.

For expert help transferring or acquiring a new firearm without stress, give us a call or come in and see us, and we'll guide you through every step of the way.  We offer full service at the lowest price in town -- still just $10!

What to bring when you pick up your firearm

  1. State Issued Photo ID
    • If your ID is not issued by the state of Missouri, you must have a copy of military PCS orders to Whiteman AFB. NOTE: Training or TDY orders cannot be substituted for PCS orders.
    • As a courtesy, we will maintain a record of your military orders, so you need only present them once.
    • If your ID does not show your correct current address, please bring an additional form of documentation with the correct address (e.g., a cable or utility bill or copy of your lease).
  2. $10 Transfer Fee. NFA Fees are collected at the time you pick up your NFA item.
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