Call us before making a transfer!

We are no longer able to accept transfer without prior arrangment. Be sure to contact us FIRST before scheduling a transfer of fireamrs through Skypilot Gunsmithing.

Lowest transfer price in town!

FREE Transfers on on-line purchases!



Transfering firearms from one owner to another, especially across state lines, can be a complicated process. Skypilot Gunsmithing, LLC stands at the ready to help simplify that process for you.

For expert help transferring or acquiring a new firearm without stress, give us a call or come in and see us, and we'll guide you through every step of the way.

What to bring when you pick up your firearm

  1. State Issued Photo ID
    • Your Missouri state-issued photo ID MUST show your correct current address.  NOTE: A full-sheet temporary license issued by the DMV will suffice as a substitute for a permanent license.)
    • Active Duty Military with out of state DL need to bring copy of PCS Orders (unless I already have them on file) and their Military ID. NOTE:Training or TDY orders cannot be substituted for PCS orders.
    • As a courtesy, we will maintain a record of your military orders, so you need only present them once.
  2. $10 Transfer Fee. NFA Fees are collected at the time you pick up your NFA item.
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